My healthy Diet 我的健康飲食i have three meals everyday我一天吃三餐飯 I have eggs and milk for breakfast。我早餐吃雞蛋和牛奶,and I think they're delicious 我認為他們非常美味for lunch中午i like meat and fish我喜歡吃肉和魚 And I have chicken and beef for dinner晚餐我吃雞肉和牛肉 I have some salad,too,我也吃一些沙拉 They are good for my health


《健康的飲食習慣》英語作文:eat healthyIt is very important to eat healthy since what we eat is directly related to our health.


The obesity rate of children and adults has increased dramatically over the past decade and much of it is due to eating unhealthy foods.

Junk food like candy, soda and the such are mass-produced with harmful chemicals in them that damages your health after being ingested.

Along with obesity and just the simple fact of not eating healthy come many illnesses like diabetes that can shorten life expectancy exponentially.

Drinks like soda also eat away at your teeth and is extremely high in sugar, which causes arteries to become blocked.

Not eating healthy can also stunt growth and does not leave you with a good form. Therefore, if you want to have a longer and healthier life then eating healthy is very crucial.